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Attorney David Brown

David was amazing to work with. He explained everything in detail and helped me with all the documents I would need to file for bankruptcy. He was very personable and nice. He didn’t treat me any different than another human being in my time of stress and need. He was knowledgeable in every form I had to fill out and was always available for questions through email, phone and text. I would Definitely recommend him to anyone that I know!!!
– Cassie, Idaho Falls

Top Notch! We used David Brown in our recent bankruptcy, even though we were going through a difficult time in our life financially, he made it feel extremely comforting. We would definitely recommend David Brown for services, he is very knowledgeable, friendly, and a caring person to have as an attorney.
– Peter, Idaho Falls

My husband and I were so grateful to find Brown law Office and ever more satisfied with the Job that David did to help us in our situation…He is very professional yet at the same time isn’t just there to take your money he was available all hours to answer all of our questions and help us through our case. I recommend His Law office to anyone who is looking for a great lawyer in the fields he specializes in…THANK YOU SO MUCH!
– Jami, Twin Falls

Terrific Attorney! We had been trying to avoid bankruptcy for such a long time and were so nervous about being able to qulaify for a chapter 7. Dave Brown was very patient with us in answering our many questions, and so willing to take the time to explain and walk us through everything. He put us at ease from the first and made us feel like he genuinely cared about us and we were not just another case to rush through. He was easy to get in touch with or quick to get back with us. He really helped ease the pain and scary stressful feelings we had about filing. We will always be greatful we found him and appreciate the great help he was to us. We will continue to highly recommend him. Thanks Dave!! Teresa
– Teresa, Pocatello

Amazing Attorney! We went through bankruptcy and decided to go through Dave Brown (David L. Brown). He always answered our calls or returned them very quickly if he was unavailable. He helped us go through every step without any problems, and made sure we were prepared for everything. He helped make this very hard and stressful time much easier to go through. We would recommend him to anyone; he was such an outstanding person to work with! Thank you Dave!!!
– Celeste, Pocatello

My husband and I, with our 8 month-old baby boy, had been planning the trip for over a year. We had our maps, food, diapers, and fly rods packed in the back of our SUV. We were enjoying the beautiful scenery, and in no hurry, when we drove through a speed trap: the posted highway speed limit dropped from 65 to 40 with no reason, no warning and obscured signage. The State Trooper who pulled us over was thrilled with fulfilling his ticket quota and thought 11 miles over the speed zone limit was the most important stop in his career. Despite a crying baby and our complete cooperation, we were parked on the side of the highway for at least 20 minutes. After receiving our ticket, we immediately contacted Dave Brown who took over the stress of dealing with the case so that we could enjoy the remainder of our vacation in Idaho. Since we live 2400 miles away in Washington, DC, Dave appeared in court for us and took care of all the filings in the case. We will always be grateful for his professional handling of our case.
– Jessica, Washington DC