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Welcome to the site! Please take a moment to browse. I am David Brown, attorney at law. My main areas of practice are bankruptcy and criminal defense. I also have a limited practice in family law. While my primary office is in Idaho Falls, I also have locations to meet clients in Pocatello and Twin Falls as well.

Bankruptcy Attorney

Exploring your options! Bankruptcy is a huge decision and that is one reason I do free consultations. I want individuals to come in under no pressure to retain my services. The consultation is a good opportunity for me to learn more about your particular situation. It is good for you because you get to learn about Bankruptcy. As a Bankruptcy Attorney, my goal when you leave my office is that you have a good understanding of what bankruptcy is, how it works, how it would affect your case, the ramifications of filing, the length a case takes, what is required of you, and how much it will cost to retain me to handle your bankruptcy. In short, you need to be armed with information so you can make an informed decision as to whether you need to file or not. Call for a consultation, you have a lot to gain and nothing to lose. For more information please see the Bankruptcy page.

Criminal Defense

People must know their rights! It is scary and intimidating to be questioned by the police and unfortunately I have seen too many instances where people simply did not know their rights and were taken advantage of by law enforcement. Fight back! As a former deputy prosecutor, I can look at your case through the eyes of the State and help you determine if your rights have been violated and if you should go to trial. I am passionate about your defense! I have experience in all types of criminal cases, felony or misdemeanor. For more information please see the Criminal Defense page.

Whether you are looking at filing bankruptcy or have a criminal defense need, I am here to help you explore your options.

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